Archetypal Dreamwork was founded by Marc Bregman in the 1970's. Based on the teachings of Carl Jung, it is a way of working with the material of the subconscious as presented in dreams to achieve a greater connection to our inner soul self. At a minimum, it can yield significant understandings of our challenges and possibilities and, if we are willing to descend deep enough, it can lead to true personal and spiritual transformation. Archetypal Dreamwork offers the opportunity to begin a conversation with our soul – to begin an inward journey towards the truest part of ourselves. Dreams invite each of us to discover the divine light we carry – the light we may have forgotten or run from or buried but that has never been extinguished. This golden spark that is our heart, our salvation, our innocence waits for us to return. Archetypal Dreamwork ignites this spark by inviting us to enter our dreams through the feeling experience they offer. Every dream is unique and completely specific to the dreamer, and if we surrender, bit by bit, to what they are asking us to recognize and feel, we can experience real and lasting change in our lives. Dreams can be intense and confrontational, quirky and funny, or loving beyond anything we have felt in our waking lives. Because they come to heal, they ask us to look into the dark corners, where both the love and the terror hide. They challenge our ideas about who we are and help us explore who we are not . . . but have believed ourselves to be. This journey of exploration requires desire, curiosity and a willingness to face into the unknown. If we let them, dreams will guide us to the home of our soul – what Carl Jung called the Self.

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