Did Mushrooms Cause the Evolution of Human Consciousness?


Can We Tap into Ancient Fungal Consciousness?

    1. Mushrooms are mysterious and magical. They have been linked with the fairies, shifts in consciousness, and interestingly, have been eaten by 23 species of primates. According to mushroom experts, mushrooms existed long before humans.

Paul Stamets, mycologist, author and advocate of bioremediation and medicinal fungi, describes the incredible properties of fungi, as well as providing an overview of how mushrooms could have played a massive role in the evolution of human consciousness.

“Mushrooms come up and disappear in four to five days. Some can feed you, some can kill you, some can heal you or take you on a spiritual journey.” He says mushrooms are so powerful and ephemeral, they are “ancient elders” which we need to start communicating with.

A fascinating and enlightening talk on mushrooms!