There are many ways to facilitate change.

Whether you are seeking counseling, yoga, meditation, life coaching, body-work, spiritual counseling, art, dance, music or therapy —or aren’t certain of the best type of support to fit your situation, Wellness Providers Network is here as a resource on your path to wellness.

For instance, suppose you feel anxious or unhappy more often than you would wish with no apparent reasons for it. Sometimes talking with a trained counselor will help you to understand and manage those feelings differently. But just as likely, mediation or yoga or some other form of expert intervention can lead you to the same place.

Wellness Providers Network gives you the opportunity to get to know enrolled practitioners, their philosophies and methods of intervention, some which you may not have considered before.

Wellness Providers Network offers interactive tools to search by area of expertise and location. ATN gives clients an opportunity to get to know enrolled practitioners, their philosophies, and methods — before contacting them.

The one thing clients can be certain of is that all the providers share the belief that problems or symptoms do not necessarily originate in pathology, but rather from our best attempts to solve life’s complex dilemmas.