Developing Better Leaders through Coaching, Emotional Intelligence, Renewal and Resonant Relationships – Richard E. Boyatzis, PhD & Scott N. Taylor, PhD

July 8, 2019 – July 12, 2019 all-day
Cape Cod

Leadership often appears inadequate to take us to new and better futures together. In all sectors, organizations and in every country, we face a dearth of leaders prepared to help us with a positive and effective vision and execution to move forward. With a few exceptions, we need better leaders. This means we need better ways to develop those stepping up to and seeking the responsibility of leadership.

Using their research and that of close colleagues, Professors Richard E. Boyatzis and Scott N. Taylor will lead the class through a series of exercises, reviewing research showing how effective leaders use emotional, social and cognitive intelligence to build better relationships, ones that resonate with the people around them.

To reach and sustain that degree of effectiveness, leaders need to engage in renewal practices for themselves and the people around them —renewing the potency of their relationships. The topics of emotional and social intelligence and where they fit with cognitive intelligence will be explored. Research from 37 behavioral, longitudinal studies, as well as 2 fMRI neuroimaging studies and 2 hormonal studies will show how coaching to vision and resonant relationship is far more effective than coaching to goals or problems. Intentional Change Theory and how to create moments of the psychophysiological state called the Positive Emotional Attractor versus the Negative Emotional Attractor will also be discussed.

Professor Boyatzis will lead the first three classes and Professor Taylor will lead the last three classes, teaching the Wednesday class together. Learn more at: