Leading from Within: Conscious Living and Service – Gloria Burgess, PhD

July 29, 2019 – August 2, 2019 all-day
Cape Cod

During this time of deep disruption and global transition, many of us in the helping professions are faced with an increasingly complex landscape of suffering and demanding levels of care. As dedicated servants to our clients, organizations, and families, it is not uncommon for us to excel at prioritizing everyone and everything on our “to do lists.” In doing so, we often lose sight of our own self and fail to nurture the core values that initially distinguished us as leaders and critical resources in our communities. In this interactive workshop, Dr. Gloria Burgess, expert in leadership formation and development, master facilitator, and acclaimed poet and author, invites you to explore the values, actions, choices, and contributions that make you a leader. And she guides you on how to bring it back to your clients and workplace.

This highly experiential workshop will supply you with a comprehensive set of principles and strategies aimed at helping you become a more conscious and intentional steward of your resources in your work and beyond. This workshop is designed for therapists, consultants, coaches, organizational leaders, teachers, doctors, social workers, and other helping professionals who seek to reinvest time in their leadership development, improve impact and sustainability at work, and renew motivation to enter difficult conversations in the workplace with patience, creativity, and empathy. Learn more at: https://www.cape.org/gloria-burgess:
-> https://www.cape.org/gloria-burgess