Online Healing Shame Core Workshop: Understanding, Reducing and Transforming Shame

September 20, 2019 – October 11, 2019 all-day
LIVE and by Recording

with Sheila Rubin, LMFT, RDT/BCT and Bret Lyon, PhD, SEP

Four Fridays: September 20 & 27, October 4 & 11, 10am to 1:30pm Pacific Daylight Time, or anytime by recording

13 CEs available* (CAMFT Approved CE Provider #134393)
Fee $350 ($325 with full payment by August 25)
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Shame is perhaps the most painful of all emotions. It is at the root of both the inner critic and perfectionism. It binds with and hides behind other emotions, such as anger and fear, so that it is often hard to detect. Many people go to great lengths to avoid acknowledging or even feeling shame—and this gets in the way of making progress in treatment.

In this workshop, designed for therapists and other helping professionals, you will become aware of shame as both a primary emotion and a freeze state, which has a profound effect on personal development and relationship success, and which has been terribly neglected in most psychotherapy. You will learn that shame cannot be worked with in the same way as the other primary emotions and that special care needs to be taken to work with shame in specific ways.

“ I loved the online course. Zoom made it as close to reality as technologically possible. The class size was perfect, enough people for stimulating questions and conversation and small enough to feel intimate. The charts you provided will be so useful. Sheila and Bret, you and your assistants are providing a greatly needed service. Thank you so much! I’ve learned a lot from you and look forward to attending another workshop. Until then, I’m already benefiting watching the recordings, gleaning even more the second time around.”
Charlette Mikulka, LCSW, author of “Peace in the Heart and Home”

“I’ve been thinking lots about today’s workshop and how incredible it is that the 2 of you manage to seamlessly create a sense of connection and community among a group of people from all over the world. I was also struck by how compelling the content was and how as I mentioned earlier I learn more every time I participate in one of your sessions. I feel that this session in particular deepened my understanding of how to pendulate the work w/ shame and broadened my repertoire of possible ways to invoke protectors. Bret, the demo was beautiful and so moving. What a visceral impact it had! So, big thanks for today! “
Fran S., PhD, LCSW, NYC