Treating Couples Well: A Model for Creating Collaborative Couples Treatment

July 22, 2019 – July 26, 2019 all-day
N. Falmouth Cape Cod

Couples come into treatment presenting a wide array of issues: communication, conflict, sexuality, affairs, parenting, mental illness, substance abuse, multi-generational family problems etc. Couples often struggle with too many of these issues all at the same time.

Dr. David Treadway’s innovative collaborate model of organizing couples therapy helps the patients design their own treatment plan. This seminar will demonstrate how to give couples choice whether to work on making changes in the here and now, focus on healing from the wounds of their past, or visit the dynamics of their family of origin. Dr. Treadway will demonstrate with video, role play, and discussion how this model helps couples invest in their own treatment, learn how to collaborate respectfully, and tolerate living with unresolved issues while working on changing one aspect of their relationship at a time. Dr. Treadway will present a wide range of therapeutic strategies, protocols, and interventions for the many typical problems that couples present. A special emphasis will be on how to make “homework” work. This seminar will demonstrate how to engage and motivate couples to do homework and show the transformational impact on treatment when couples do follow through.

David Treadway, PhD is a nationally known therapist and author who has been giving workshops and trainings around the country for the past thirty years. In addition to several books, he is the author of over thirty articles and is a 2002 Psychotherapy Networker award winner for an article selected as one of the best ten pieces in their 25 year history. Dr Treadway has appeared on Good Morning America, 20/20 and other television shows as well as hosting his own radio program on family communications.