Our goal is to create a network of practitioners from around the globe who possess the imagination, methods, and skills that bring real collaboration and empowerment to those seeking well-being. We strive to contribute to a new consciousness regarding mental health and health practices and their delivery throughout the world.

The Wellness Providers Network gives practitioners the opportunity to connect with potential clients using a unique, personalized approach:

Members can customize their listings and describe their practice however they choose!

Members create their own text, post their own headshot and image gallery, and may even include video to give potential clients a sense of who they are and the benefits they can offer.

We give the general public, people with a diverse set of challenges, the ability to make informed choices about which type(s) of therapy may suit their unique situation. Anyone can browse the Wellness Providers Network to gain insight and find help, with absolutely no sign-up or fee!

Here is our current list of “Frequently Asked Questions,” where you will find immediate answers to many of our most popular inquiries:

1. How do I become a member of the Wellness Providers Network?

Joining the Wellness Providers Network is incredibly easy and, different from many professional directories, also incredibly affordable!

We offer a “Flexible Pricing Plan,” where you can select from 3 pricing options, depending on how much you charge clients per session.

  • If your rate is $100/session or less, pay only $100/year to be listed. That’s per YEAR!
  • If your rate is between $101/session and $150, pay only $150/year to be listed!
  • If your rate is $151/session or above pay only $200/year to be listed!
  • If you are a treatment or recovery center pay only $300/year to be listed!
  • If you are a fitness studio or collective pay only $300/year to be listed!

Memberships are ANNUAL, so there is no monthly fee!

Please also note that all memberships, upon complete registration, are enlisted for automatic renewal via PayPal unless otherwise notified. Please contact Matt Dobbs, Managing Director of the Wellness Providers Network, if you wish to cancel your automatic renewal plan.

2. Can I join the Wellness Providers Network if I am unlicensed or still in school? What are the necessary qualifications to be listed?

The purpose of the Wellness Providers Network is to offer people a wide range of therapeutic options to help them through any type of challenge they face. Your ability to practice as a professional therapist varies depending upon your location. Each state in the U.S. and country outside the U.S. has its own unique set of requirements for practice.

That said, the mission of the Wellness Providers Network is to promote the idea that imparting tangible benefits for a client is the ultimate goal, and this is not necessarily limited to those with specific educational credentials.

In general, most people seek out therapists with some form of certification, at the very minimum. For such specializations as “Energy Work” or “Spiritual Counseling,” there is less need for specific licensure, but many practitioners have attained some certification through training or can display work experience that gives their listing greater credibility. It is up the to a client to evaluate the skills and experience of practitioners and decide who may be most helpful for their particular situation. We encourage that clients interview any practitioner they are considering to engage.

3. How do I fill out my listing properly for the directory?

There are many components to successfully setting up your listing. Once you have paid for membership and set up your account, you will be able to create your listing at your convenience, with no time limit or due date once membership is activated; everything is at your own pace. You will automatically be given a 1-year membership upon sign-up, so the sooner your listing is complete, the sooner you will be able to attract more clients.

  1. First, give your listing a name — this can be either your name or your business name. Try not to make your listing name too long, as this can be more difficult to find in search results.
  2. Next, on the right side of the screen, check off the appropriate box(es) to indicate your unique specialization(s).
  3. The “body” of your listing is the “About” section, which comprises the main text box for you to fill out. Here, describe yourself and your practice to the best of your ability, using as much specific information as possible about your methods and ideology. Pretend you’re a client in need of help — what type of information would you be looking for from a potential therapist? Let this inform your approach, and try not to use jargon or technical terms that will confuse or turn off a potential client.
  4. Select a headshot to accompany your listing. If possible, select a photo that clearly portrays your entire face. Avoid low-quality or blurry images and images other than your face. Potential clients want to get a sense of the person behind the listing — if your face is not present in your listing, potential clients will be less likely to respond.
  5. Type in your physical address in the boxes indicated, and upon completing the field above the map, click “FIND ADDRESS ON MAP.” Your listing will not be linked to your location properly unless this is clicked. Click the box(es) on the right side of the screen that correspond to your location – city and state (city and country if outside the U.S.)
  6. Insert any images that will give potential clients a sense of your practice. Feel free to include another headshot, photos of your office or practice space, and any images relating to your affiliations or certifications.
  7. Make sure to click “UPDATE” when you have finished creating your listing to save your changes.

4. How many people visit the Wellness Providers Network? Do you guarantee referrals?

The Alternative Therapists Directory was launched two years ago as an initiative of Psychology Tomorrow Magazine, owing to our thousands of daily readers. We currently have nearly 350,000 followers via social media, and we post original, engaging content every day that is seen by tens of thousands of viewers weekly.

As a new initiative, our main source of current traffic comes from our Psychology Tomorrow readership, with fluctuations depending on the popularity of the current issue, blog articles, and weekly mailers. Those seeking expert help find our Network by word of mouth, our active social media campaigns, advertising and marketing campaigns.

Because we offer a different approach from the standard online directory, allowing our members to create their own customized listing, we cannot guarantee referrals, although it takes only one to cover the yearly membership fee. The efficacy of a listing in obtaining referrals will be dependent on the quality of the content, perceived credibility of the practitioner, and overall presentation. Our structure offers practitioners the opportunity to showcase themselves and their practice to the best of their ability. The rest is up to the person seeking help!

5. How do I submit a blog?

Contributing writing to the Alternative Voices is a great way to heighten your presence on the site, and it gives potential clients another way to get to know you. Once you are logged in, simply create a new post and submit it to us.

All submissions are reviewed to ensure quality and compliance with our overall mission. Allow up to 1 week for your contribution to be published on the site, provided it meets our requirements.

Blog posts must be at least 250 words or more and be relevant to the overall mission of promoting education and healing through the art of therapy. Links are permissible as long as the content linked does not violate our mission. Broken links will be deleted.

Blog posts are NOT an opportunity for therapists to publicly promote or plug their practice. Again, the mission of the Wellness Providers Networks Blog is to promote education and healing through the art of therapy. The intent of each post is to inform readers on a particular topic related to psychology, psychotherapy, a mental health, elucidate about the different forms of therapy available, and establish an open platform for creative and meaningful discussion.

If you would like to submit an EVENT, such as a seminar or workshop, this will not meet the blog requirement unless it is an article describing the structure and purpose of the event. To submit an event to be added to our newsletter, simply email Matt@PsychologyTomorrowMagazine.com.

In order to ensure fairness and equal opportunities for members to contribute and have work featured, there is a limit of 2 BLOG POSTS PER MONTH.

6. What if my city/state/province/country is not listed as one of the locations to check off?

If your location is not listed, you can still fill out your physical address and click the “FIND ADDRESS ON MAP” button. Send us an email with your location, and we will be able to include it in your listing.

7. What if my specialization is not listed as one of the categories to check off?

Don’t see your specialization listed? No worries! We warmly welcome and accept new practices into the Alternative Therapists Directory. For the purposes of site maintenance, any additional category inclusions must be approved prior to publication on the directory. This accounts for any possible typos or violations of our mission. If you feel that your specialization does not fit under one of the established categories, send us an email with the proposed specialization. Our team will research and discuss including this specialization if it is a substantial, credible form of practice and does not fit into an already established specialization category. Allow 1-2 weeks for it to appear on the homepage, pending final approval.

8. What are the benefits to members aside from referrals?

The most important reason to be a member of ATN, aside from building your practice, is to participate in a community of creative and expertly skilled professionals who are changing the practice of mental health services around the globe through holistic approaches, that go beyond conventional ideas of pathology. Our members are thought-changers committed to helping clients achieve well-being with compassion and a spirit of collaboration that engages all aspects of their experience.

Other benefits include access to training resources, business advisers, conferences, and workshops. We are always striving to improve the Networks exposure through marketing and social media campaigns as well as media coverage.

We look forward to your membership and seek to help you in whatever ways possible.

– The ATN Team