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Keri-NolaEach month, Keri Nola launches a new free webinar to support your practice building journey. To register and save your seat in the next one, visit www.designyouridealpractice.com

Bio: Keri Nola is a Licensed Psychotherapist and Soul Mentor supporting healing entrepreneurs in awakening the courage, clarity, and skills they need to make an abundant living starting or growing the practice they desire. Keri offers virtual courses, mentoring, and live retreats for sup-port. To learn more, visit her website at www.kerinola.com




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Scott is an Internet Marketing Veteran of more than 16 years. A regular presenter, educator, and consultant, Scott specializes in getting businesses found online.  You can find Scott’s book ‘Indisputable Guide to SEO Success’ on Amazon. You can also follow his regular industry updates and business marketing guidance on his agency’s blog.

If you are in need of Internet Marketing advice, or you would like to get on Scott’s waiting list for upcoming webinars and training courses, feel free to contact him through his website at www.ThriveSearch.com.     More to Come…