Thank you for your interest in engaging with me here. I’m currently a Registered Associate Marriage & Family Therapist (BBS #108784) and Registered Associate Professional Clinical Counselor (BBS #5482), most drawn to working with clients around issues relating to sexuality and spirituality.
To fully benefit from the therapy process, clients will feel ready to deeply explore the issue(s) bringing them to the session, and will be open to the complexity of what arises during this exploration. For example, perhaps you come to therapy to discuss a sense of disconnection from your partner; this could lead to an exploration of intimacy and what it means to you. Clients will feel a strong urge or a drive toward greater awareness of personal and interpersonal challenges, and will begin to notice the impact of those challenges on their daily life.
I work with clients to develop a more meaningful, rich, and satisfying experience of life, including holistic approaches to issues. Uncovering and holding our wounds is often a heartrending process, but it is also a transformative one. As a therapist who places trust above all else, I work with you to forge the ultimate safe space, where deep healing occurs.
When considering therapy, it is important to feel both a need to receive support, and also a calling to work on yourself. Therapy is an invitation, an opportunity to grow. It is never just about the “problem,” it is about the ways your mind and body are already working towards beneficial solutions and transformative possibilities. Let’s collaborate together.
Sexual Intimacy – Adults (18+)

New psychotherapy group beginning in May 2019 — email or call for more information!

This exploratory and educational group therapy experience will focus on navigating sexual intimacy. How can we become more fully aware of our sexual needs and desires? How can we express them to ourselves, our partners, or even our friends, without uncertainty, confusion, or shame? This 8-week group (beginning in May 2019) will guide members through the process of building awareness around sexuality and sexual practices, connecting this to our physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. Group dialogue and creative activities (e.g. movement, art, etc.) will be included, supporting members in this deeply healing and transformative process.