Holistic Emotional Wellness Center

Kelly and Charles Bender own and operate Chrysalis Institute, Holistic Emotional Wellness Center where they have served the community of Moore for more than nine years. They believe issues like depression, anxiety, phobias and other behavioral challenges can addressed successfully from a holistic perspective. The human brain’s ability to function properly is dependent on biochemistry which is strongly influenced by our lifestyle and our habitual thoughts about life. While largely overlooked by traditional counseling practitioners, natural supplements are well documented as powerful tools for managing emotional and behavioral abnormalities. To feel emotionally well you need to feel physically well and energetic. Learning powerful techniques to help you take control of your health go a long way toward building a joyful life.

Being human also involves the care and feeding of your soul. Every soul has its own unique mission in life. Regardless of your religious background we coach and encourage you to become more focused on who you really are and what your individual path is. We do this because true happiness can only be obtained through being authentically you. Spiritually, emotionally and physically in every way you are unique and living your uniqueness is your path. We respect that.


  • Licensed Professional Counseling
    • Individual
    • Marriage and Family
    • Emotion and Behavioral Nutrition Coaching
  • Spiritual Life Couching
  • Hypnotherapy
    • Soul Retrieval Therapy
    • Smoking Cessation
    • Weight Control
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming
    • Fast Phobia
    • Time Line
  • Spiritual & Emotional Nutritional Coaching


Opening Hours


10 AM - 6 PM


10 AM - 6 PM


10 AM - 6 PM


10 AM - 6 PM


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Out of Office


Out of Office


Our Address:

802 NE 19th Street, Moore, OK 73160


35.3544783, -97.47629419999998

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