Hello, my name is Dr Randy Gilchrist.  I am a doctoral level, licensed clinical psychologist since 1997 in private practice in Roseville, California (www.dr-rg.com), I offer an excellent service through the Alternative Therapist’s Directory: a custom hypnosis recording service where I create 1-4+ clinical hypnosis recordings created just for you, emailed directly to you for permanent listening as MP3 audio files. Scroll down below to the appropriate question/section to learn all about my convenient, powerful, effective hypnosis service. Questions? Comments? Let me know at drgilchrist@yahoo.com.


1) What is clinical hypnosis and what is it helpful for?
2) What is your custom hypnosis recording service?
3) What are your prices and what is the process of ordering?
4) Do you have any testimonials?
5) What is your contact information for further questions/customer support?

Q and As:

1) What is clinical hypnosis and what is it helpful for?


Simply put, clinical hypnosis is a special technique of psychotherapy that promotes powerful, lasting change and improvement, and is arguably the most effective psychotherapy technique. In short, clinical hypnosis is a process where a client closes their eyes, relaxes, and listens to a hypnotist’s word and directions to further relax, focus, and change and improve. (Ideally, the hypnotist is a graduate level licensed psychotherapist like myself versus a “certified hypnotherapist” where credentials vary widely and are basically unregulated).

Being in a more relaxed, open, receptive state, the subsequent suggestions given to change and improve are then more deeply and effectively accepted and embraced. And as one’s mindset, focus, motivation, and commitment to change to improve increases, behavioral change naturally follows, lifestyles improve, and lasting, powerful change follows.  In short, when in a more receptive state, our usual conscious walls and resistances to change are lower, we accept more of what is said, and strong change and improvement follows.

The most popular uses of clinical hypnosis include (but are not limited to):

–Weight Loss (eating better, eating less, exercising more, quitting junk food)
–Smoking Cessation (cigarettes, chew, cigars)
–Substance Use Moderation or Abstinence (alcohol, marijuana, prescription drug abuse, illicit drug use)
–Anger Management
–Anxiety and Phobia Management (stress, fears, paranoia, obsessions)
–Peak Performance (sports, school, business, public speaking, performance anxiety)
–Insomnia (including hypersomnia, other sleeping problems)
–Depression (self esteem, hopelessness, loneliness)
–Relationship Issues (separation, divorce, codependency, getting over breakups, relationship scars, opening up to new relationships again, finding a new partner/spouse, choosing a better partner, etc)
–Grief (PTSD, trauma, letting go of the past, moving on, bereavement)
–Many Other Issues/Challenges (just ask)

2) What is your custom hypnosis recording service?


With my custom hypnosis recording service, you simply email me what you would like help with to improve in your life. I then record customized and personalized hypnosis sessions just for you and your situation (see below for ordering instructions). After recording your sessions, I email your sessions to you to download to your computer for permanent safe keeping, which also includes some simple written instructions for how to use and get the most from your hypnosis sessions.  Finally, you simply load your sessions to your preferred listening device (cell phone, I-Pod, etc), listen regularly, and begin to change and improve. It’s that simple and easy.

The main advantage of my custom recording service over pre-recorded hypnosis audios on the market is that those audios are general, “one-size-fits-all” sessions that won’t relate specifically to your particular situation, needs, and challenges, and hence tend to be far less helpful. Permanent, lasting change is challenging and you’ll need the best therapeutic help available, such as this service.

3) What are your prices and what is the process of ordering?


–Prices for my custom hypnosis service as a licensed doctoral level clinical psychologist are as follows:

1 Session: $150/each
2-3 Sessions $125/each
4+ Sessions $100/each

–To order, please:

A) go to www.paypal.com, login, select “send money” and send the appropriate payment amount to me at drgilchrist@yahoo.com for the total number of sessions you wish to order: 1 session: $150, 2 sessions: $275, 3 sessions: $400, 4 sessions: $500, 5+ sessions add $100/additional session to total. If you currently don’t have a Pay Pal account, just go to www.paypal.com, register a new account, and then order.

B) Email me answers to the following 10 questions to drgilchrist@yahoo.com.  (I will use these answers to create outlines to record your custom hypnosis sessions):

1. What name do you wish to be referred to in your hypnosis sessions? Also, what email address do you wish me to send you your hypnosis sessions to? Finally, what is your cell # in case I need to text you with questions?

2. What are the main goals you would like help with?

3. What other supplementary/secondary goals would you also like help with?

4. What is the general history and background of your problem/challenge(s): family history, beginning of the issue, course, duration, past attempts to correct it, successes and failures, what keeps you stuck, why is it hard to change, why do you wish to change now, etc.

5. What are the main problems this issue creates in your life?

6. How will your life be better once this issue is resolved/corrected?

7. What is a favorite relaxing place you enjoy?

8. What is your favorite and least favorite color?

9. How well can you visualize, remember the past, relax, and focus? (Scale each from 1-10)

10. How did you find my information here in the directory and what ultimately led you to choose to order (article, directory search, word of mouth)?  Any suggestions for me to improve my listing here?

C)  I will then record you custom hypnosis sessions as MP3 audio files and email you your sessions for download within 7-14 calendar days from the day of ordering. (Included with the email will be text instructions for how to listen to and use your hypnosis sessions).

D) You download your hypnosis sessions to your computer for permanent safe-keeping, and then load the sessions from there to your preferred listening device: cell phone, I-Pod, etc.

E) Listening regularly and begin to improve!

That’s it!  The sooner you order and begin the process, the sooner you can begin the process of change and improvement.


4) Do you have any testimonials?

Answer: Yes.  Here are a few recent, real reviews from my clients/customers. Additional testimonials are available upon request–

“This was my first time trying hypnotherapy for weight loss and what I like about my experience was how Dr.Gilchrist explained the process and answered all my questions. This really helped me.”

Connie G., March 20, 2015


“I went to Dr. Gilchrist to stop drinking. I have not had a drink since our first session. The four sessions were very helpful and reviewing the sessions are a great reinforcement.”

Ted L., December 29, 2014


“I was pleasantly surprised by the personalized hypnosis session. I never expected a hypnosis session to produce any substantial difference in how I felt. I loved the mood set by the musical elements in the background as well as Dr. Gilchrist’s tone of voice. I also enjoyed how personalized my hypnosis session was. My name, occupation, likes and dislikes were all effectively mentioned during my session; I didn’t feel as if I had received a cookie cutter hypnosis session. I now listen to it nightly and it has helped me feel a lot better about my work and to not stress as much as I used to. I’d recommend Dr. Gilchrist to anyone seeking a hypnotherapist who is caring and takes the time to study his patients.”

Juwan J., October 12, 2014


“Dr. Gilchrist was kind enough to offer me a personalized hypnosis session. I’ve recently taken on a large workload at work. It’s become almost unbearable. The stress has become so severe, that it seems easier to just give up. Dr Gilchrist’s session has done wonders in helping me cope with that stress–relieving it from my body. At about 25 minutes, it is the perfect length for me to fit into a busy schedule. His vocal direction is soothing, almost transcendent. It’s easy to get lost in the gentle sound of his voice. After a long day of work I’d come home, sit in my comfiest chair, play the session on my iPod…and just unwind.

Not only does the session assist in removing stress from my mind, but it gives me something to look forward to everyday. The almost ‘out of body’ experience is so enjoyable, and rewarding, that it’s hard more me to focus on the negative aspects of life. This session has been a true life saver. I truly appreciate it. I’ve learned how to handle stress, and how to move past it. Thank you.”

Korey B., September 11, 2014


“Dr. Randy Gilchrist provided recorded custom hypnosis sessions for me. I was having trouble losing weight lots of fatty food and a busy schedule caused a 20 lb weight gain. Dr. Randy Gilchrist asked a series of questions and created my custom hypnosis session. The recordings were clear, soothing and very effective. I listen to a session every morning and so far I haven’t had a craving for the fatty foods I was used too. I recommend the hypnosis session for anyone who needs the extra motivation to lose weight.”

Marletta W., September 9, 2014


5) What is your contact information for further questions/customer support?


Dr Randy Gilchrist
1899 East Roseville Parkway #100 Roseville, CA 95661
Roseville, CA 95661
(916) 899-4990 (cell/text)

**Email is my preferred methods of contact for this service, although a text is fine as well

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