I was not born grateful.

I was born into a world full of fear, disappointment and self-loathing.  That same world was (and is) full of teachers who did their best to help change my vision, my perspective – both of the world and my true self. However, I was not ready or able to take what they were offering. I used to say,

“I wish I had listened to (fill in the blank) more closely.  I wish I had been more willing to learn and change.”  

It was by Grace that I finally heard someone say something so revealing about themselves that I saw myself in their story – and I knew that the time for regret was over and the time for action had come.

Since that time I have found myself filled with more gratitude, love and enthusiasm for life that I could ever have imagined.  How I have come to this place is what I want to share with you.

I’m offering my time now to those who have already disappointed themselves and carry regret because of their own inability or unwillingness to act.

If you wish you had listened, responded, acted, reciprocated, loved in return; now is the time to pause and do exactly that before you collect any more regrets in your life.

Our work will center on personal responsibility, universal truths, relationship between self and the Divine “coincidences” that inspire and define each traveler’s journey.

You are more likely to benefit from this work if you:

  • Understand that you are responsible for your reaction to life
  • Are prepared to step out of your comfort zone, even if just a little, to try new things
  • Believe that there is power greater than yourself in this world – regardless of the shape or form it takes
  • Are action-oriented and eager to work
  • Accept that conflict isn’t always bad – and there’s room for all of us to learn and grow
  • Want to shift your perspective and make lasting changes for the better

Whatever your path, God bless you on your way…

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