Kristina Cole, FDN-P is a certified holistic health coach and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® Practitioner.

Kristina specializes in uncovering the hidden stressors that create many of the chronic illnesses challenging people today.

Kristina comes from a corporate background in Finance and Regulations, formerly a CCO in the financial services sector and subject matter expert in Healthcare Regulations. She holds a BA in Business and an MBA. Kristina is a Certified Healthcare Professional, and Certified Healthcare Compliance Professional.

Kristina channeled her love of learning and digging into information to the field of health coaching and functional medicine. Through her own health journey, she made a career change into one of helping others finding true health by uncovering healing opportunities. Kristina is a member of AADP, INHC, Evolution of Medicine, AFDNP, and holds a certificate in Environmental Toxins along with practical applications and uses of Essential Oils.

Kristina is the host of Hidden Secrets to Health on’s health and wellness channel.


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