I help you to understand why you think, feel, and behave the way you do, to resolve negative feelings, and to build on your strengths, I teach you skills that will enable you to live the way you want to. For couples and families, this approach is extended to help all involved and to the dynamics of their relationships. My specialization is in Mood Disorders (Depression, Bipolar Disorder), Anxiety Disorders, Anger Management, Behavior Problems (ADHD, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, etc), Parenting Concerns, and Relationship Issues. For details and tips, please visit my website: http://www.kaneohepsychologist.com

I employ a collaborative, problem-solving, and skill-learning approach. Together we will identify your needs, formulate a plan, and follow a course of therapy that is best suited to your needs. We will learn from the past, make changes in the present, and work toward your future goals.

I have a PhD in both Clinical Psychology and Behavioral Psychology and 28 years of diverse experience in outpatient, inpatient, day-treatment, and crisis intervention. My approach is primarily Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy. I am also an Adjunct Professor at Hawaii Pacific University. I am contracted provider for all Kaiser plans.

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