I have been working in the movement business for over 30 years- originally as a physical therapist. Finding that model somewhat limited I completed my Feldenkrais® practitioner training in 2003 and went on to do mastery trainings in the related Anat Baniel Method of Neuromovement. I work with folks of all ages and abilities who for some reason would benefit from improving how they move. Reasons might be anything from a neurologic condition, to a painful condition to reaching some sort of performance plateau.

The underpinning of this work is to help folks become more aware of how they move and as awareness increases relative to movement, people who engage in this work tend to become more aware in all aspects of life. I like to call this Embodied Awareness.

I am currently working with Feldenkrais movement as a mindfulness practice using Awareness through Movement® lessons as physical metaphors to help us address some of life’s questions. You can find out more about that and my other work on my website

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