The term, Holistic, refers to “whole” as opposed to “parts”. So what does holistic mean in terms of drug treatment? Holistic drug treatment treats the whole body. Addiction is a three-fold disease. It is a spiritual malady, a physical allergy, and a mental obsession. Holistic drug treatment treats the whole person – spiritually, physically, and mentally. Holistic drug treatment is a vital part of treatment here at Palm Partners. We believe in treating and healing the mind, body and spirit as separate but unified parts in the journey towards recovery.

Holistic drug treatment therapy at Palm Partners consist of meditation, spirituality, zumba, acupuncture, hypnotherapy, private massage and chiropractic services. These treatments are designed to help clients relax and treat their body at the same time they are treating their mi­­­­­nds.

Research supports holistic drug treatment programs:Alcohol treatment that incorporated exercise into their programs reported that clients perceived the physical activity as beneficial in tension and stress reduction, a more positive outlook, and increased self-esteem. The preliminary data indicated that exercise-based interventions are may be well-received by those early in recovery from alcoholism. – Study: Exercise attitudes and behaviors among persons in treatment for alcohol use disorders. Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment. –In a study done on the use and extent of nutrition education offered at substance abuse treatment facilities that offer one or more substance abuse programs found that nutrition education is an essential component of substance abuse treatment programs and can enhance substance abuse treatment outcomes. – Study: Nutrition education is positively associated with substance abuse treatment program outcomes. Journal of the American Dietetic Association.

Previously reported substance abuse interventions incorporating meditation and spiritual approaches are believed to provide their benefit through modulation of both psychological and pyschosocial factors. A 90-day residential group pilot treatment program for substance abuse that incorporated a comprehensive array of yoga, meditation, spiritual and mind-body techniques was conducted in Amritsar, India. Clients showed improvements on a number of psychological self-report questionnaires…Application of comprehensive spiritual lifestyle interventions may prove effective in treating substance abuse, particularly in populations receptive to such approaches. – Study: Evaluation of a residential Kundalini yoga lifestyle pilot program for addiction in India. Journal of Ethnicity in Substance Abuse. –

Every Palm Partners treatment program uses a multi-disciplinary approach, which includes but is not limited to:

12 Step Workshops & Meetings

Dual Diagnosis

Medical Detox

Individual, Group & Family Therapy

Relapse Prevention

Recovery Networking

Healthy Lifestyles

Trauma Resolution

Holistic Drug Treatment


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