The Alexander Technique is a multi-dimensional practice that offers, among other benefits,  a way to better poise and posture and therefore less musculoskeletal pain.  Along the way, you may also experience less stress, more ease and grace, greater creativity and clarity of thought. It is truly ‘holistic” because it treats the body and mind as a unity—the “bodymind.”

Not a treatment but an educational opportunity, the Technique offers a way to change habits that really goes to the root of the problem, rather than addressing the superficial or “presenting” issue. Changing habits involves changing the wiring of the brain, and F.M. Alexander figured out how to do that long before neuroscience was even a glimmer in someone’s eye!  🙂 And the body is key in this process!

So if your job requires you to sit at a computer or other screen for hours during the day, this study is one that can help you.

I work with individuals and also with small groups. I can give introductory workshops to larger groups, too.  Please consult my website: for more information about group and individual lessons.

Happy changing!



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