My path is helping you to find and follow yours.
I do readings. 

I read energy. I work with energy. I experience a ‘knowing’ from information I receive from energy, emotions, and Spirit – and for me, I consider this a type of seeing. Among other things, this ability allows me to understand deeply in a short time, what has taken you years to develop as a blockage in you. I’m also able to feel how you are in comparison with the life flow – if the reason “it’s not happening for you” is because you are in some state of resistance. I’m a psychic empath and intuitive and so I’m wired in a physical and meta-physical sense to be a conduit, or channel for Spirit. These gifts relate to energy and electro-magnetism, extra-sensory and the etheric-spiritual. With training, study and practice, I learned to wield my gifts and let go to Spirit. As I improved myself, improved my “being-ness”, I would see and be shown more. This is my practice. I am called to share it with you.

The goal for this work is to raise consciousness. If we change ourselves, everything changes.

What flows through me comes from Source and Spirit. These teachings raise consciousness in us so that we may find and feel Source and sustenance personally. These are the kinds of things that are useful in improving your daily life and in finding a better understanding with yourself, and your connection to Source and Spirit. I help you to open up and I share and provide guidance from what I’m shown and the energy I feel.

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Sessions are available via Phone, Zoom, Skype, and Facetime.
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