Are You Ready to Transform Your Life?

Are you tired trying different therapists and approaches that don’t seem to be working for you? Are you ready for a clinician that is REAL, authentic and fun?

Chances are that you need a RADICALLY DIFFERENT APPROACH to changing and transforming your life!

You are an incredible, unique and amazing human being! You are not just your mind, or just your body, you are a whole integration of mind, body and spirit!

So, why should we try to separate the parts and treat them separate? Our programs are designed to help you transform your life by integrating all of the components that will lead you to become a Vibrant, Healthy, & Thriving Human Being!

We firmly believe that change requires consistent action, feedback and a support, and we love to stand for your change and transformation! We have a proven process to help people overcome eating disorders and body image concerns, Effectively manage ADHD & anxiety; and Teach you all the strategies to Maximize your performance in sports, arts, business & life!

“CHANGE YOUR LIFE-CHANGE THE WORLD!” We believe that we are all capable of contributing to changing our world in a positive manner. So when you choose to work with us, YOU are contributing to saving the life of a child that is a slave of child trafficking through our “CHANGE YOUR LIFE-CHANGE THE WORLD” initiative. As a portion of ALL proceeds will be donated to save a child. You can check our newly started campaign below:

Go ahead, take a look! We would be flattered to become your partners in Transforming your Life and Seeing your Dreams come True!

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In love and light,

Dr. Elena Estanol Ph.D., M.F.A.

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