Joyce Dolberg Rowe, LMHC, Clinical Director and her team of experienced, hand-picked clinicians are here to offer you nearly 200 years of collective experience in the field of mental health counseling. Together we offer wide range of expertise that will meet your emotional needs and goals. We are highly trained inguiding individuals, couples, and families toward their personal and collective goals of living happier, healthier, more meaningful or well-adjusted lives. It is our commitment to help you achieve the improved self-esteem and confidence, or the harmony and inner peace that comes from self-awareness and self control.  Since we are, each one of us, responsible for our own best behavior, let us assist you in becoming your best self, setting the most effective boundaries for you, living in the present, and thriving today!

The Door is Open Counseling Center opened their doors in November 2013 to an Intensive Outpatient Program, A Safe Place for Women to Heal. A gender specific program for women who have recently experienced trauma or who are ready to explore feelings about past trauma.

At A Safe Place for Women to Heal, we promote recovery by addressing the individuals’ physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual growth using a wide range of educational, practical, and experiential modalities. We strive to help women build resiliency through strengthening their relationship with the present moment. We help them to process past trauma and to acknowledge and change maladaptive behaviors that may be affecting daily life only when they are ready to do so in a safe and healthy way. A Safe Place provides time limited treatment to adult women (18+) in an outpatient setting with an emphasis on the individual needs of the whole woman. It is intended as a transition back to the community for women discharging from higher levels of care or when weekly outpatient treatment isn’t enough. Our program design reflects this philosophy.

Opening Hours


8 AM - 8 PM by appointment only


8 AM - 8 PM by appointment only


8 AM - 8 PM by appointment only


8 AM - 8 PM by appointment only


8 AM - 8 PM by appointment only


8 AM - 8 PM by appointment only


8 AM - 8 PM by appointment only


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