I’m a Soul Recovery Master, and I help people recover every piece of their Authentic Self so they can live vibrantly, authentically and with purpose.

This is the place where I’m supposed to tell you that you are broken and I can fix you.  That you are less-than, not enough, and I have the solution you’ve been seeking.  I’m supposed to tell you what painful urgent problem I have the solution to.  But I can’t, because you aren’t broken.  At the deepest level you are whole and beautiful and a unique expression of the Divine.   Look, life is messy.  Sometimes it hurts.  A lot.  Sometimes our lives aren’t working.  Sometimes relationships feel broken.  Sometimes we feel broken.  Sometimes we feel nothing because it’s easier than feeling everything we feel.  I know, because I’ve been there too.  But you aren’t broken, and neither is your life.  You just need support and skills as you re-create your life into a life you want to be living.

Here’s the thing.

You should absolutely LOVE YOUR LIFE.  I mean the “tears-in-your-eyes, takes your breath away, I am so grateful to be me right here and right now” kind of LOVE YOUR LIFE.  Because it’s a life with meaning and it counts for something.  It’s a life that satisfies your heart and soul.  A life where you love yourself and you love how you show up for the people that matter to you.  Where even in the tough times you don’t lose your center, and can dig down to the strength you know is inside you.  A life of strong connections with others who see you and love you for who you really are.  Where you have time for what matters to you, and where YOU are running your life and not the other way around.

My purpose and passion is to empower people like you to:

HEAL the wounds and resulting false beliefs that are keeping you stuck in repetitive patterns that don’t work.

ILLUMINATE the beauty of your true self and help you discover your gifts and purpose.

MENTOR  as I teach you skills to care for yourselves, connect authentically and deeply with those you care about, recognize what’s important to you and what you really want and powerfully and confidently take the right actions to manifest your dreams


You can embrace your perfectly imperfect, sometimes messy, life with passion

You can live deeply connected to the Divine within and around you

You can rely on your own Divine Wisdom as you connect with your Inner Healer

You can be the best version of you!


Our Address:

4726 Paxton Court, Carmichael, CA


38.617127, -121.3282843