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Juli Wild
Certified Grief, Pet Loss and Bereavement Support
Reiki/ Reiki for Animals Therapist
Climate Grief/ Eco Grief Support
Emotional Freedom Technique Master Practitioner
Online, Phone, Skype and In-Person sessions 


Why? I have always had a very deep connection to nature and animals. I believe in the notion that people are inseparable from the rest of nature. We have lost some of this sense of connectivity but it is still there on a root level, like a deep, indigenous wisdom. Shamans tell us we are made up of so much more than what we can perceive directly with our physical senses. Psychological and physical self-care is important but incomplete; we must tend to our spiritual nature- our deepest self- as this is essential to our well-being. Nurturing our inner self is about our coming Home, back to ourselves, to our inherent Nature. Reiki and energy therapies help to bring back this balance. Naturally we want the best for our animal companions. They too can experience ailments and imbalances. 

Losing a beloved animal companion can be an extremely difficult bereavement. There is a lack of support for people suffering from the loss of a pet. Pet loss support can help you through this emotional and challenging time.

My goal is to help nurture, honour and develop the bond that people have with animals and the natural world. I believe that this leads to a greater sense of wellbeing, connectedness to ourselves and others, and to a more harmonious existence.


What led me to working in this field was my beloved cat Peaches. Peaches had become very ill and sadly was nearing the end of her life. By chance, I came into contact with a local Reiki practitioner, who offered both Peaches and I a Reiki healing before Peaches passed away, and then again soon afterwards. I believe that Reiki not only helped Peaches in her end-of-life transition but also brought greater peace to me, during what was a very emotional and difficult time. It was soon after that I decided to study Reiki and energy healing, as I really wanted to learn how I could also help animals and their human care givers. I also reached out to a pet loss support group and found that this really helped me with my own grief. I decided to become trained as a grief support practitioner and enjoy helping others. I truly understand what it is like to lose a cherished animal companion. There is a lack of support for people suffering these bereavements and I do hope that someday this does change. And in the meantime, I am here for you.

My educational background is in psychology with further training in grief and bereavement counselling, Eco therapy, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Shamanism, Emotional Freedom Technique and Matrix Reimprinting.

Pet Loss and Bereavement Support
Phone, Skype and Online sessions

For most people, losing an animal companion can lead to a profound, even traumatic sense of loss. Grieving due to the loss of a pet, or an anticipated loss of a pet, can be very difficult. Animals provide us with such an incredible level of companionship and love, that we are left with a huge gap in our lives when they are gone. Losing and grieving for a pet can be a very difficult and emotional experience. If you or someone you know is suffering, grief support can help. I can provide tools for moving through the grief in a safe and non-judgemental manner. Sessions are available by phone or online, for your convenience. You can stay in the comfort and privacy of your home, no driving or parking hassles, and I am able to offer support to you via email, phone and through online apps such as Skype, FaceTime and What’sApp. You may wish to have a Reiki session for yourself immediately following our pet loss support.

One of the toughest parts of grieving for a pet is that people often feel alone and unsupported. Society does not treat pet loss as very significant. Although a bereaved pet carer might be given a day off work and receive sympathy from some people initially, it’s not long before they’re expected to get back to ‘business-as-usual’ and put their loss behind them. Sadly this is not always easy to do.

The loss of a beloved pet can feel just as significant as losing a human loved one. Losing an animal companion can feel like losing a family member, a dear friend or even a child. Some people assume that pet loss shouldn’t hurt as much as human loss, or that it is somehow inappropriate to grieve for an animal. It is important for you to know that your feelings are real, natural and valid. Given the intense bond most of us share with our animal companions, it is natural to feel devastated when they are no longer a part of our lives. 

Sometimes we just need to talk with someone who understands this kind of loss and empathises with what we’re going through. Perhaps because I truly know how awful it is to lose a beloved pet, I am drawn to helping others through their own grief. I have undergone extensive training and certification in the UK and USA in bereavement counselling and volunteer regularly in providing bereavement support with a national animal charity in the UK. I provide grief support online and by phone.

Reiki and Energy Therapies 
Energy healing is based on the fact that animals, (all animals, including we humans) are energetic organisms. According to the principles of quantum physics, we are actually vibrating energy beings that occupy a physical space. It makes good sense to try and keep this vital energy healthy and flowing. Therapeutic specialties such as Reiki and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) can help clear blockages and get energy moving, creating a more balanced state of being.


Reiki for Animals
In-person and remote (distance) Reiki sessions

I’ve had a strong sense of wanting to help and protect animals from a very young age. Our bond with animals runs very deep and animals and animal energy is something to be honoured and protected.

Being sensitive and empathetic, I am often able to quickly get in-tune with an animal and help them feel at ease. Animals are usually very receptive to me. Reiki is an energy therapy which can help to promote a sense of calm and may restore and balance energies. I offer Reiki for animals remotely via distance healing and in person whenever possible. In person sessions are offered throughout mid and south Vancouver Island and would take place at your residence. It is not necessary for me to be physically with an animal in order for them to receive Reiki (although some people do prefer this and I do also like to have that nose-to-nose connection with an animal). As Reiki sessions can be done remotely, this means that your animal can receive Reiki no matter where you are in the world. It is convenient and easy for you and it allows us to schedule a session on short notice, for instance in times of illness or sudden need.

To learn more about the many benefits of Reiki please click here < Benefits-of-Reiki>

Like us, animals also suffer from stress and illness, and can even pick up on their human caregiver’s emotions. Furthermore, animals are highly sensitive and usually respond positively to receiving Reiki. Reiki can help to rebalance an animal’s energy and help their energy centres (chakras) come back into flow. Working with the animal chakras is important as a preventative measure as it promotes wellness, as well as being beneficial for elderly animals, animals with injuries and/or those suffering from chronic pain or sensitivity to medication.

Energy knows no bounds. This is why Reiki works remotely, even from across a vast distance. A Reiki and energy healing practitioner does not use his or her own energy but rather directs bio-energy, or life-force energy, which the recipients body uses to heal itself. This energy therefore can have a positive effect on wellness. 

Reiki may also be beneficial in easing the end-of-life transition. Reiki can help reduce pain, anxiety and fear for terminally ill animals and provide comfort during this period at the end of their life. Reiki is a wonderful way to facilitate the transition for terminally ill animals and can also help their owners at this very difficult and emotional time. Often, animals will not allow themselves to transition because they intuitively feel that their person is not ready to let them go. Joint Reiki treatments for you and your beloved animal can help both through this difficult emotional time by enhancing the bond and facilitating a gentle transition. Ask about joint Reiki treatments for you and your animal companion.

Sadly animals are the least represented and most exploited members of our planet. I hope that some day all beings (animal and humans) will be treated with equality, dignity and respect. I feel it’s important to stand up for animals and my aim is always to do no harm. I have always had a very keen interest in animal behaviour and inter-species communication.


Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
I am a Master EFT Practitioner. Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or ‘Tapping’ is a holistic mind/body therapy that blends Western psychology and Eastern healing methods. The underlying principle is that negative emotions are stored in the body’s energy system causing a disruption or blockage which ultimately causes physical or emotional stress and disease. EFT is a form of acupressure, based on the same energy points used in traditional acupuncture to treat physical and emotional ailments (except without the needles).

Instead of using needles, tapping is gently done with the fingertips to input kinetic energy onto specific meridians on various points on the body. 

This helps work to clear the ‘block’ in an animal’s bioenergy system and to restore balance. The technique can produce a calming effect, and may bring almost immediate relief- physical and emotional healing. EFT may be combined with Reiki in a session to provide optimum benefit.


Eco Therapy
Many people are feeling disconnected these days, spending a great deal of time indoors, connected to devices rather than to each other- or even themselves! This can cause a myriad of issues. Studies have shown that spending time in nature reduces depression by 70%. Eco therapy focuses on our reconnecting with nature and improving our mental and physical wellbeing through being outdoors. No this doesn’t mean you have to climb a mountain, that is, unless you are up for such an adventure- then go for it! Connecting to nature can be as simple as spending time in your local park or being next to a stream. There are many ways to reconnect without having to travel to far off places.

When people feel connected to nature, they feel more connected to themselves and others and everything becomes clearer. Sometimes we need to get grounded and go deep within ourselves- with Mother Nature as our guide, as our healer. The forest itself is the therapist. The oceans, mountains and meadows; even the ground beneath our feet can help to enliven us in ways that may have many positive health benefits.

The healing power of nature is not new. Steven M Taylor, a psychologist who has studied the effects of eco therapy has said: “It’s not surprising that nature has a therapeutic effect when you consider that the human race – and all our evolutionary forebears – have been closely bonded with it for all our existence. It’s only in recent times that many of us have been confined to man-made environments. For us, contact with green spaces is therefore like going back home, and fills us with the same sense of safety and belonging.”
He goes on to say, “the main reason why nature can heal and transform us is because of its calming and mind-quietening effect. In nature, our minds process a lot less information than normal..and most importantly, the beauty and majesty of nature acts a little like a mantra in meditation, slowing down the normal ‘thought-chatter’ which runs chaotically through our minds. As a result, an inner stillness and energy fills us.”



Qualifications and Training:
Psychology Hons B.A.
Certified Grief, Pet Loss and Bereavement Support Counsellor
Reiki for Animals Therapist Level 2 
Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Therapist Level 2
Emotional Freedom Technique Level 3 (Advanced EFT) Practitioner
Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner
Eco Therapy training
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
Member, APLB (Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement)
Member, SARA (Shelter Animal Reiki Association)
Blue Cross Animal Charity, UK


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I look forward to working with you and your beloved animals. 


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