Getting Started:

In a few moments you will receive an email from the directory web-server, with your login
username and temporary password. Once you go to Alternative Therapists and sign-in, you will have access to the exclusive therapist Dashboard, where you have the option to customize your account settings, your profile and to submit blog posts to drive more traffic to your page.

Setting up your account is self-explanatory. Your profile is where you can edit your therapist listing, via the blue button with your user name on it: Login>Username>My Profile

1) Find Business Information > Map Information Location and add your address, then click Find on map. To the right, add your city and state under Listing Locations.

2) Click Save Draft and then View Post to preview.

3) Bio: The main text window in your listing is the main place in which to describe your practice, for which there is an unlimited amount of space on your profile page. You can also add media and such here, so feel free to get creative.

4) Special

Offer: Here you can create custom coupons or simply list your normal rates. In addition to adding the details you can upload a custom ad.

5) Click publish and then view post

Feel free to contact us with any further questions you have about your listing: