Lucy Cures Her Migraines, With a Story

Lucy Cures Her Migraines, With a Story
Emotional Freedom Technique featured WPN

HAVE YOU EVER HAD A MIGRAINE?  A really throbbing headache that will NOT go away?  Lucy stopped at our clinic, with just such a story.  Nothing that she did made a difference.  This was in my early years, when I knew even less than I know now, and I didn’t know what to tell her.  Since she didn’t have a migraine at that moment, I asked her to call me when another attack occurred. The phone rang Saturday morning. I quickly drove over and attempted to quench the pain with a tool called “EFT”– sometimes described as ‘acupuncture without the needles’, for it uses only light finger tapping.

It soon became clear that my first technique wasn’t going to cut it.  Listening as carefully as I could to my inner guidance I asked, “Lucy, did you ever play “LET’S PRETEND” when you were a little girl?”  She painfully nodded, remembering the 1950’s radio  program sponsored by Cream of Wheat cereal.  “Now, close your eyes, and think of a “Pretend” story of a lady, your age, who had terrible migraines….”  Lucy closed her eyes.  There was complete silence for the next several minutes. I waited anxiously.

Then Lucy began, “This “pretend” lady is about my age, she lives in a town like this, and she had a DEAR FRIEND, with whom she had been best friends for years.  The two had played together as little girls. They’d gone to school together. They’d double dated with their boyfriends. They’d married about the same time and watched their children grow up, and now they both had grandchildren.  One day, not long ago, this lady and her best friend were out window shopping together at Wal Mart.  They chatted easily about the store items.  After several minutes, the lady’s friend said, “Wait for me, I will be right back…”  She quickly walked away, out of sight.  Five minutes later, her friend returned.  She opened her large handbag,  “LOOK what I got for the grandchildren!”.  Lucy was astounded–HER FRIEND HAD BEEN SHOPLIFTING!  End of story.  Lucy said, “I decided then that I could NEVER be friends with this person again!”

I was now easily able to release Lucy’s intense anger using some forgiveness techniques.  The migraines disappeared, and our work was done.  They came only once more, in a very mild form.  Lucy was never again bothered with migraines.

This is a true story, from our patient files. Only the name has been changed.  Lucy was in her early ’80s at the time, and has since passed.