In psychic counseling the information comes from somewhere other than the client or the counselor. Just like intuition, the word psychic indicates an ability to bypass the five senses and the psychic “knowing” appears to be a deeper state of the mind with information that seems to come from out of nowhere. This type of knowledge goes well beyond a traditional counseling session. There can be a breakthrough in a single or a few sessions for the client due to this higher level of knowledge within a session.

Psychic information is complex. The details can be positive or negative. It is impossible to dismiss it with a logic of the rational mind and yet it provides definite proof of some deep and divine source of inspiration, guidance, and protection.Sessions are for helping the client work on specific personal concerns so that a “breakthrough” is possible just as it would be in traditional counseling. The intuitive abilities of the therapist or counselor may bring the client to a greater level of insight, inner peace, and sense of direction.

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What to Expect

A Psychic Reading may be a one time session with the client who may want the Intuitive Reading to help them ‘see’ beyond what is known in the moment due to a disturbing dream the client may have had about death, family, or health. The client may have a premonition about a trip, a new job, or relocation to another area.

A Reading may be helpful for the client who is confused or distracted about something they are sensing or feeling through the body without rational explanation. Together, they would explore the energy in and around the physical body. The client might ask the Intuitive Counselor to Read into their energy field for more in depth information.
A psychic may also use tarot chards, the I Ching, beads, and other objects to facilitate the reading.

An example of this Reading would be when the client says, “I can’t put a finger on what it is” or, “I just have a bad feeling or premonition.” Many times, energy medicine can be used at the end of the Reading to help the client feel more inner peace and relaxation before making a decision about something.

This energy session could involve releasing pent up emotions about the unknown, and use of healing touch to calm the client. The client is more confident to use their own perception and intuition to resolve their issues. There may be occasion when a relative, friend, or pet may suddenly appear in the Reading in ‘spirit form’ to comfort or confirm information to help the client who is in distress.

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