1. First visit the get listed page https://wellnessprovidersnetwork.com/get-listed/

2. Fill out the username, email, pick a subscription and verify you a not a robot. Once This is complete click “Register”. You will then be redirected to paypal for payment.


3. Once payment is complete you will then get redirected back to the website, check your email and set your password.


4.  Once you set your password, login and you will be redirected to your dashboard

5. Upon entering your dashboard you will first land on your profile, this is just your user profile where you can set your first name, last name, contact information and email. This information is confidential between you and Wellness Providers Network.

6. Click the listings navigation item in the left column to go to the listings section and add a new listing for your page.

7. Now fill in your profile, view the following video