The Science Behind Mindfulness and Good Health

The Science Behind Mindfulness and Good Health By Jill Suttie on Friday November 30th, 2018 Image: Mitchell Griest Five Ways Mindfulness Can Benefit Us According to thousands of years of tradition, Buddhists meditate to understand themselves and their connections to all beings. By doing so, they hope to be released from suffering and ultimately […]

Powerful Thoughts to Overcome Anxiety

Powerful Thoughts to Overcome Anxiety By Mark Denicola on Friday December 7th, 2018 Image: Unknown Five Ways to Reduce Your Anxiety for Good As a former severe anxiety sufferer, I beyond sympathize with those of you that are still entrenched in the unpredictable, overwhelming and often-times flat out scary experience that is anxiety. For several years, anxiety was my […]

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How To Be Mindful At Work

By David Gelles @dgell Our jobs pay the bills, occupy many of our waking hours and can even give our lives meaning. They can also be a source of significant stress: tight deadlines, long days and difficult conversations. No matter what your job, work can be anxiety-provoking. Mindfulness can help. In recent years, many companies […]