We live in a world where the energy around us is translated into physical, tangible forms through our senses. For example, colors appear as waves of light travel through our eyes and into our brain at differing frequencies, words are translated through our ears from sound waves, and objects are manifested and recognized through touching and seeing the dense composition of atoms that create them.

So, too, can our emotions be measured with frequency waves and compared to waves of light. For example, anger could be compared to a high frequency and high amplitude wave, joy could be compared to low frequency and high amplitude wave, and contempt could look like low frequency and low amplitude.

There are thirty-eight remedies used in Bach Flower Therapy, each remedy resembling a single human emotion. This method is not intended to eliminate the symptoms of mental disturbances but, rather, to establish peace of mind. In combination, Bach Flowers Essences are used to treat many different kinds of emotional imbalances.

The method of treatment by Dr. Edward Bach is a form of subtle energy therapy, which mainly affects the human psyche. Bach Flower Therapy contrasts to conventional drug therapy since the latter is only effective at the physical and cellular levels.


British homeopath, physician, surgeon, and bacteriologist, Dr. Edward Bach (1880-1936), developed a theory which stated that “[H]uman physical ailments have spiritual roots.” His conclusion was that disease occurs as a result of disharmony between the physical plane of a human being and their higher self.

As a scientist, he began the search for such natural substances that would not impact the disease itself but, rather, the emotional states that preceded it. The search eventually led him to a passion for homeopathy. Dr. Bach believed that health can be regained only from nature when he discovered the vibrational properties in thirty-eight flower essences.

He was one of the first researchers to find a link between stress, emotions, and disease – findings which were only paid attention to by other practicing physicians after several decades.

After Dr. Bach’s death, Flower Essences have been successfully used by his followers at The Bach Center in England. In various naturopathic schools in Europe and the USA, Flower Essences found the widest application – along with newly developed emotional and mental evaluation criteria of the patient.

Hypnosis & Bach Therapy

Bach Flowers Essences have been successfully combined with hypnosis and other self-development techniques. These mixed-method approaches add to Flower Therapy’s effectiveness by revealing to the person certain traits he or she was previously unaware of. It is a perfect balancing tool in change facilitating processes like weight loss, smoking cessation, stress management, and improving self-esteem and motivation.

Bach Flowers are absolutely compatible with Hypnosis as an unfolding mechanism of blocked states of mind, eliminating Fears and Anxieties, while comforting, relaxing, and much more.

We need to understand that every soul on earth has a special purpose – to gain experience and improve self-awareness, to move in the direction of soul’s ideals. We should not forget that the soul is posing a special challenge, and if people will not seek to do so, then inevitably there will be conflict between the soul and personality, which soon will be felt as a physical disorder.

– Dr. Edward Bach


Bach Flowers Essences can reduce stress, fears and worries in a few ways:

  • Helping with emotional overload
  • Neutralizing negative emotions
  • Soothing and reducing emotional distress
  • Correcting behavioral responses
  • Promoting resistance to depressive states
  • Revitalizing self-regulation mechanisms of the body
  • Stabilizing emotionally.

Bach Flower Therapy is:

  • Effective
  • Natural
  • Completely safe
  • Without allergic reactions or other side effects
  • Without contraindications and/or age limits
  • Compatible with any other therapeutic agents
  • Not addictive

“Expand your consciousness rather than suppress it with psychotropic drugs – this is the keynote of my method”

Dr. Edward Bach

-Authored by Lin Shlonsky

What To Expect

During a session at Lake Norman Bach Flower Therapy, your therapist will personally determine which remedies would be the best match for your current emotional state. This process is all done with your agreement and is based on thorough questioning. During your sessions, you will experience that your emotional balance is achieved. The contact with your intuition is restored and, through it, the internal resources of your body that contribute to self-healing are enabled.

The most well-known remedy that you have probably heard of is called the Rescue Remedy, which contains five different flower infusions applied as a universal stress reliever. Rescue Remedy is used mostly for “extreme” situations, such as visiting the dentist, exams, job interviews, acute fear, travel, or excessive anxiety on the wedding day. However, for some people, a personal remedy should be prepared in order to deal with your unique response to your own circumstances.

It should be stressed that Bach Essences are not a substitute for medical treatment in critical cases.






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