Chakra Balancing Therapy is a powerful way to move through the energetic blocks associated with each chakra center. Although there are literally thousands of chakra centers in the human body, the ones that are located at the sits bones, up along the spinal column, and through to the top of the crown are those traditionally balanced through this work.

What is a chakra?

The historical origin of chakras has been richly debated since several cultures and traditions lay first claim to the reference. However, many can agree that the first reference appears in the Hindu text, the Upanishads. The Upanishads are the foundation texts of Hindu philosophy and its diverse traditions.

Chakra simply means ‘wheel’ in Sanskrit. Although the reference relates more to a concept then to a literal physical structure, these subtle energetic bodies help regulate our hearts, minds, emotions, and corre-sponding experiences. Further, each of these seven chakra centers is governed by a corresponding color. Each chakra also governs a separate set of organs and corresponds to a realm of emotional experiences. Individual chakras can become unbalanced and weakened through misuse, overuse, or even outward abuse. Often, individuals will overcompensate with the energetic strengths of one chakra at the detriment of another.

Through visualizing these wheels of color and light spinning – while toning the appropriate accom-panying mantras – clients are able to explore, identify, and understand the relationship of each chakra to the other. As we attend to this process repeatedly through meditation and deepening awareness, we begin to internalize our own unique strengths. We are also more able to recognize and develop areas that are shy or undeveloped in our system.

As one seeks this ongoing practice, the work can gradually transmute our energetic systems from the inside out. Through deepening this practice, individuals become better able to engage with life’s chal-lenges. Chakra Balancing techniques can help us to maneuver life with renewed energy, light, and vigor. It can also address bodily imbalances, giving us alternate tools to deal with illness and lethargy. Lastly, Chakra Balancing can help us move through places of fear, isolation, anger, and creative stasis in order to unlock and utilize our greatest human potentials: hope, connection, joy, and inspiration.

What To Expect

This work can be done individually, facilitated one-on-one, or with a group. There are many ways to engage in this work, ranging from noticing and shifting your focus from one color to another, to creating chakra elixirs by reflecting colored light into water and consuming the light-soaked liquid. You may also prefer more traditional approaches to Chakra Balancing, such as meditating on the distinct color wheel of a chakra as well as its specifically toned, corresponding sounds. All of these methods of working with chakras rely on the power of setting intention and the practice of more deeply noticing and attending to the needs of the refining self.



For more information on this gentle and powerful tool see the works of these authors and musicians:

Eastern Body, Western Mind” by Anodea Judith, Ph.D.

Wheels of Life” A Users Guide to the Chakra System” by Anodea Judith, Ph.D.

Heath, Youth and Beauty through Color Breathing” by Linda Clark

Balancing and Addressing the Needs of the Third Chakra

Resonating Meditation” by The Upscale Nouveau-Technoid Band

Master Meditations” by Sapokniona Whitefeather

Below find a simple reference and corresponding image of each of the seven chakras as well as the areas and energies they govern.

-Authored by Jennifer D. Sieck
Images owned by Jenniefer D. Sieck




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