This training integrates the Hakomi and Matrixworks approaches. We explore and enhance our experience of group participation, leadership and individual growth within the collective. Participants learn to take the group experience to new, innovative and transformative levels.

We expand the focus of Hakomi from individuals to the group matrix, applying our knowledge of Hakomi principles, skills, mindfulness, and somatic awareness. We explore how the loving presence we practice with our clients sometimes eludes us in groups and our shadow aspects can emerge, and how to work with this in a safe and compassionate space. We learn how to track the “intersubjective” group field and to balance our expression with deep listening. When these practices are embodied in the group as a whole, a new paradigm can emerge that supports risk-taking, transparency, deeper trust and the healing of our attachment wounds.

Matrixworks facilitates the emergence of “Group Genius”: bringing forth the unique gifts of each group participant. Each contribution to the larger whole expands and illuminates the capacity of the group. As we explore the “Emergence Cycle” of Connection, Chaos and Consciousness, we’ll deepen our awareness of how groups develop and function, and our unique individual contributions to this process. This “Living Systems” approach can be applied in a wide spectrum of settings, from therapy groups to large organizations.

The neuropsychology of groups and interpersonal connection also provides a foundation for the training. Daniel Siegel, M.D. describes the “Triangle of Well Being” as Mindfulness, Empathy and Body/Brain Awareness, and he defines health has “the integration of differentiated parts.” As we explore the role of autonomy and interconnection in group work, we’ll discover a new relationship between individual transformation and collective evolution: that membership in the group as Living System can “make me more of who I am” rather than “less of my authentic self.”

This work draws on body-centered, somatic approaches to creating Group Genius. It includes movement to access the intelligence of the body in the training. By attending to the ways that energy moves in a group, we will build our capacity to sense and cooperate with the deeper mind of the collective.

This method teaches how to co-create new ways of experiencing a “home” of belonging in ourselves and in a group. When our authentic being is available to us in community, the result is a more fearless and committed manifestation of our gifts in the world.

Authored by,
Meredith Mukara




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