Past Life Regression utilizes deep meditation and light hypnosis to recover “soul memories” from one or more lifetimes. Through this experience, you may be able to discover that the source of deep-seated issues and patterns which you have experienced in this lifetime may have originated in events that took place in another place and time.

It’s not unusual for a client in a past life regression to recognize someone from the past life who is a friend, a spouse, an associate or a relative in that person’s present life (a “soul mate”). Furthermore, the discovery of who you were, where and when you lived, what you valued, how others treated you, how you treated others and the lessons you learned in a past life can give you a unique and penetrating insight into yourself and why you are back here again.

The past life regression therapist guides the client into the past life as a “coach”, but the client him or herself experiences a personal revelation which validates the connections between past and present lives.

What to Expect

Plan an introductory session with your Past Life Regression therapist, so that you can explain what insights you would like to gain from the experience. This will also give you a chance to meet him or her and feel comfortable with that person. It will also give your Past Life Regression therapist a chance to explain how the process works so that you can address and resolve any questions or concerns that you may have about the experience.

The actual Past Life Regression session is most often planned as a single, extended (2 hour) experience-which allows at least one past life to gradually “unfold”. (Keep in mind that there are always unique variations in each person’s experience.)

Shorter (1 hour) but more frequent sessions may also be planned as part of an individual’s “traditional” weekly psychotherapy experience.

Plan to remain fully awake and conscious while retrieving lifetime memories. This is “Clinical Hypnosis” (not “Stage Hypnosis”), so you can expect to have full control and full memory recall of the whole experience.

Expect a deeply moving and profoundly spiritual experience.

Explore karma – the past life experiences that lead to your themes and issues in your current life.

Discover the “life themes” and lessons you may need to learn in this lifetime. What you haven’t learned in past lives will become part of your current life challenges. This is how your soul evolves from one lifetime to the next.

Meet romantic and non-romantic soul mates (members of your soul “family”) with whom you travel from one lifetime to another, helping each other navigate life’s challenges along the way.

You should always select a therapist who has a special certification in hypnosis. Ideally, the therapist should also have a clinical license to practice psychotherapy, such as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) or Licensed Psychologist (Psy.D.).



Please view the following resources for more information on Past Life Regression, or be in touch with a nearby practitioner today!

Authored by Richard Scheinberg


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