Sex Therapy is a form of behavior therapy that focuses on intimacy and sexual problems. It can be helpful to people of all ages, sexual orientation and genders.

The sex therapist helps you define your particular sexual dysfunction, and addresses the resulting sexual distress in an individual or couple. Problems with sex often are compounded by strained communication between partners, and a goal of sex therapy is to enhance communication. A behavioral approach is used to resolve problems. Sex therapy consists of discussions in the therapists’ office, along with special exercises designed to make you feel more relaxed in your sexual interactions. These exercises are practiced by the individual or couple in the privacy of their own home. The goal of sex therapy is to maximize one’s potential for satisfaction, pleasure and happiness.

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What to Expect

Masters & Johnson, the pioneers of sex therapy, discovered back in the 1950’s that talking alone wasn’t enough to resolve sexual issues. Sex therapy generally address the emotional issues underlying sexual problems and employs behavioral techniques to deal with the physical symptoms. A session with a sex therapist will mainly involve you talking about your problem to help you get a better understanding of it. Subsequently, the therapist will suggest exercises that clients will do outside of the therapy setting. There is no physical contact between client and therapist.

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