Spiritual therapy is an alternate form of freeing the mind of negative energies and replacing them with positive healing energy that restores both mind and body. It is also an analysis of one’s own emotional and spiritual consciousness from a natural standpoint. Also known as holistic therapy, it encompasses every dimension from the physical to the mental.

Certain individuals who suffer from mental depression or other emotional imbalances can rely on forms of spiritual therapy to help them overcome obstacles. This is a type of metaphysical healing that comes from recognizing one’s own inner healing powers. In this type of therapy, the individual may place her beliefs in a supreme being for guidance or simply draw strength and beliefs from within. By gaining the self-confidence to feel empowered, this type of therapy can address many forms of distress such as grief, relationship issues or everyday stress.

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What To Expect

There are special seminars that explain the teachings of spiritual guidance for those who are interested. A spiritual therapist works closely with his client to gain knowledge of the personal situation. He will then assess all aspects so he can determine where the weaknesses may lie and how this form of therapy may provide benefits. In some cases, these therapy sessions can be done over the phone if the client feels uncomfortable or is unable to deal with the situation in person.

Some forms of spiritual therapy involve deep levels of meditation. This is done to achieve the highest levels of spiritual enlightenment. Some forms are done in a group or classroom setting. Others are done one-on-one in individual sessions. There are some forms of spiritual therapy that also offer hypnosis as a way of treatment or healing.

Although there are some exceptions, spiritual therapy generally focuses on healing from a religious or moral concept. Some religion-inspired forms of spiritual growth include Christian spiritual healing and Jewish spiritual therapy. New Age therapy is another aspect.

Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) employs a slightly different approach. This method often will incorporate a psychic as an intermediary. This is said to be helpful in aiding the client in dealing with hardships of the past or subconscious thoughts that might be impeding the healing process. In this form of therapy, the client delves into his subconscious as a way of ousting negativity and redeeming peace of mind.

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